Pandemic Board GameName:             Pandemic

Release Date:   2008

Developer:       Matt Leacock

Players:           2-4

Playing Time:   45 minutes

Description:  A cooperative game in which all players battle against four very active diseases. You win together or you die together!

Players are assigned randomly generated roles, which guarantee a unique strategy each game.  Players move from city to city by walking or flying (based on player cards in hand) and cure blocks of disease.  If the players build research centers and collect five similar colored city cards as a disease strain, they can cure the disease.  Cure all four diseases to win the game!

Unfortunately, time is against the players as there are three ways that the disease can win the game.

  1. Run out of player cards
  2. Run out of disease cubes of any one color
  3. Having too many outbreaks

Many ways to lose, but only one way to win, Pandemic can be played on the misnamed "easy" mode, "medium" mode, or "Oh my friggin' God!" mode.

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