Name:               Button MenDTT Button Men Logo

Release Date:    1999; re-released 2017

Developer:         Cheapass Games

Description:  Button Men is a game designed for fan conventions and other public venues. It can be played almost anywhere on short notice (provided the dice are at hand), and games are quick to complete. Buttons are meant to be worn on clothing, bags, or other accessories, advertising that the wearer has a button to play with and is open to challenges.

Mod:                  Simple rules to be used with Dragon's Tear Tavern buttons

Players:             2

Playing Time:     5-10 minutes

Equipment:        One Button Men "fighter" per player and dice indicated on the button

Summary:          Players fight three rounds of combat, rolling dice and capturing each others dice

The Dice:           Each player uses several dice of different sizes, as specified by the numbers on that button. As a general theme, small dice = speed, and large dice = strength

To Begin:           Take all of your fighter's dice (as indicated in circles on the button) and roll them. Arrange the dice in numeric order. Which ever fighter rolled the single lowest number will go first. If the lowest dice are tied, compare the next lowest dice, etc

Each Turn:         You must make either a Power Attack or Skill Attack (if you can). If you cannot make a legal attack, you must pass

  • Power Attack: Use one of your dice to capture one of your opponent's dice and remove it from the play area (don't worry, you'll give it back after scoring). The number showing on your die must be greater than or equal to the number showing on the die you want to capture. Re-roll your capturing die
  • Skill Attack: Use several of your dice to capture one of your opponent's dice. Any combination of your dice must add up exactly to the value showing on the die you capture. Re-roll all your capturing dice

Passing:            You may not pass unless you cannot make any legal attack

Scoring:            When a fighter captures the last of his opponents dice, or when both players must pass, the round is over and you calculate your score for the round.  For each die you captured, you score its size in points (a captured 12-sided die is worth 12 points, no matter the value on it when it was captured). For each die of your own which was not captured by your opponent, you score half its size (a 4 sider is worth 2 points, etc). The highest score wins the round, return your opponent's captured dice and begin again.  The first player to win three rounds wins the game.  If any round results in a tie, re-play it

Advanced rules and Button Men history are available on Wikipedia

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