Monsterpocalypse LogoName:             Monsterpocalypse

Release Date:   10.10.2008

Developer:       Privateer Press

Description:    Monsterpocalypse is a giant monster (kaiju) themed collectible miniatures game. The game is played on one of a variety of maps, which resemble cities. Structures (such as office buildings and oil refineries) are placed on it to build a cityscape. Monsters and other units (represented by miniatures) battle to the death while destroying the structures. The monster is represented by two forms: an Alpha and Hyper form. The goal of the game is to destroy both forms of the enemy monster. This is done by brawling, blasting or making devastating power attacks against the enemy monster. Units can attack a monster as well, but they typically need to work together in order to deal damage. However, the most damage comes from using the monster exclusive power attacks that deal damage by, for example, sending the opposing monster crashing into one or more buildings on the map.

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