Vassal Engine LogoSince so many of these on-line games are played on the Vassal engine, the bar keep thought it wise to create a guide on how to install the Vassal engine, add the corresponding modules and provide you basic instructions on how to use it.

Quick Install instructions

  1. Download & install the latest version of the Vassal Engine
  2. Download the game module from the link on the appropriate game's resources page on this site
  3. Launch Vassal
  4. File -> Open Module... then find and select the downloaded game module.  The game will now appear in your module library
  5. (optional extensions) If your game has any extensions that you will be playing with, after downloading them, right-click the game in the module library and select "Add Extension..." then find and select the extension for that game. The extension will now appear under the game in the document library

Step-by-step Vassal Game Engine install 


Use Instructions

  1. Run Vassal
  2. Double-click on the desired game
  3. Select "Look for a game online"
  4. To create a new game, type in a game name in the "Active Games -> New Game" field and hit [Enter] - To join a game, simply right-click the game name and "join"
  5. Game controls are specific to each game. Future game specific FAQs may be created if there is demand


Lurking Instructions

Don't feel like playing, or if there wasn't enough room in the game for you? Lurk! Follow the same instructions to join a game room as described above, then right-click on any player of the game and "synchronize" to see the game from their perspective. Some games do not block a Lurker's ability to move pieces, so please don't disturb someone else game.